Adopting Pickles

Our Adoption Process

adoption-chart_April29Our adoption will take at least 18 months. We are at the “Paper Pregnant” state, which means we have more paperwork that I have ever seen! Gathering proof of who we are, financial statements, certificates of every sort, fingerprinting for the FBI, even having photos taken of our house – and all have to be notarized.

This past week we moved onto the last section (the green in the diagram)… we had the biometrics appointment our advance petition for Pickles’ citizenship. This consisted of photos of our face and live scan fingerprinting.

We are working with 2 agencies – one locally in Ann Arbor for our home study, and one in North Carolina who will do our placement from Uganda. They place many families each year, so we were comfortable going with them although they are out of state.

Then comes our travel plans…