Adopting Pickles

Our Adoption Process: Travel


Update July 19, 2016:
We will travel in just a few days for our first meeting with our daughter! We will have 3 weeks with her in Uganda, then will sadly have to return home.

We are hoping to return in a few months for court and pray that we can bring her home sooner than the 12 months that is the new law for awarding guardianship in Uganda.

The cost is overwhelming, over $30,000 not including the travel costs (over $50,000 with travel) which we will have in late summer 2016 if all goes as planed.  We will need to be in country (in Uganda) for 5-12 weeks. Bill and I both have to go to court, and then we will have time to fall madly in love with Pickles…and wait… for them to approve our adoption, then we will wait again for her passport and visa to be issued.

While we are waiting for approval, we will stay on the grounds of the orphanage in one of the guest houses so we can be near her. Our son Liam will be with us on this entire adventure. We decided as a family to pursue adoption and so our family will follow this path together.

The nice thing is that once we get the approval on the adoption, Pickles will be able to be with us. We can travel around Uganda and hope to do some sightseeing. It’s a beautiful country and I dearly love it… I cannot wait to show Bill and Liam how wonderful the country and the people are.