Adopting Pickles

About Us

outside-1845We are the Pemberton Family from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Bill and I have been married for 15 years and we have a 10 year old son, Liam. We are all creative and spend as much time as we can in our pajamas playing with Legos.

We are embarking on an exciting adventure… adopting a little girl from Uganda! Amy went on a mission trip there in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the country and the people. She saw first hand how hard the women work, and how little opportunity is available to them.

Infertility is been an issue for us, and our Liam was an absolute miracle. We always referred to our second child as “Pickles” when we dreamed of him or her, it felt like we had retired that name, so fun to say it again!IMG_4401

Amy is adopted and we have walked with friends through their infertility and adoptions, we feel like it is the right direction for our family. To hear Liam tell people “We are going to adopt, we don’t know her yet, but God has her picked out for us” is precious. (He tells everyone!)

The process to adopt from Uganda is going to be time consuming and a scary with all the unknown. It should take us 18+ months to have our “Pickles” home with us – which could be until summer of 2017.