Adopting Pickles

July 22-24, 2016 – Meeting Pickles

July 22-24, 2016 – Meeting Pickles

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July 22-24


We are here in Uganda!


The flights were uneventful, nice folks on each trip. Each excited for our journey with Pickles to begin. I made 2 TSA agents cry by telling them what we are doing the next 3 weeks.


IMG_0276LiamDadFlyWe couldn’t sleep on the first flight, just little naps. I got maybe 30 minutes at the most. We watched movies, talked to the family in front of us that were going to Capetown, South Africa for a vacation. Liam left his phone on the flight so that was a bit of work to recover, but a really nice KLM agent/airport rep was able to recover it quickly.


IMG_0278LiamAmsWe had smoothies in the airport, Liam and Bill napped, and we purchased chocolate and gas pills for Liam (he had a tummy ache when we got off the flight.)


Second flight to Kigali/Entebbe was good. A nice young man doing Peace Corp work work (Matt from Tennessee) sat next to me. He was teaching in Rwanda for 2 weeks. It’s easier for folks from the Congo to come there, instead of Americans/etc. trying to get INTO the Congo.


We finally all got to sleep for the 6 or so hour flight and at the next stop brought Jensen from Belgium, who was just delightful to talk to, sadly that flight was just one hour. He works for a non-profit similar to Women of the Pearl, educating on literacy, hygiene, business ownership, etc.


The time in line at Entebbe was so short, we purchased our Visas and exchanged $200. Took a bit to get all our luggage but it was ALL there! Found Pastor John right away and took for for his home, just outside of Jinja.


IMG_0674savannahSavannah is the most wonderful young lady. She’s from Texas and here teaching at the school associated with the orphanage. She’s been here since July 3, with only a few other folk who left not long after she arrived. We are enjoying getting to know her, playing games, sharing our meals together, and our tablets (we each have different movies loaded). She is here for 5 months, and had been in Ghana 2 months previous to this trip. She’s just great with the kids and they both adore her, Bill and I do too!


On Saturday, I woke up at 8 am knowing that we were going to meet Pickles at 11. The guys continued to SLEEP! How could they sleep!? I finally rolled back over and took a short nap.


We ate delicious eggs with carrots, green peppers, and onions that Maggie prepared. Maggie runs the house and is such a wonderful woman. We got ready, had our suckers ready, the purple lamb and necklace/bracelet set. The word for lamb sounds like “in-Day-Ga”.


The trip to the orphanage is only 1 km away, but it seems so far. The roads here are terrible. We entered thru a gated entry and there were several buildings… the school, medical center, the orphanage and the office area. Finally we got to the office building and there was our girl!


Mabel was this “pretty, little, wonderful person” as her father says. She was dressed in a red and white polka dot dress with pink shoes and a yellow jacket. She wouldn’t smile, she wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Pastor John asked her to hug me, but she was so shy, I just held her hands instead.


She liked Bill quickly and reached out for him. She ate 2 suckers and just kind of tolerated us, which is ok. It was a lot to take in, I can’t imagine what was going through her head.


IMG_0331LiamKids IMG_0346Liam_KidsWe took some video and pictures. Liam distributed suckers. He was soon the center of attention, answering questions about himself and home.


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