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July 21, 2016 – Travel Day

July 21, 2016 – Travel Day

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July 21, 2016


It’s July 21! 9 days ago we got the call that we needed to get to Uganda. The orphanage would have liked us there last week already, but we needed those 9 days to get organized.

Our Pickles was told that new parents had been found and we are told she was very excited. She wanted us to be there right away.


At that news, we would have boarded the plane immediately!


We will be able to have Pickles with us while we are there the three weeks. Like with us all day!!! We get to see how it feels to be a family of four. It’s been just the three of us for almost eleven years. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about how it could go.


Let me get back to the last 9 days..

The first day was full of: tears of joy, scrambling to buy airline tickets and proudly showing her photo to close friends and family.


Day 2: More tears, disbelief, excitement and some stress.

Day 3: My dear friend Shawn took me for pedicures and great company. We made a trip to Penneys…I’ve been on the hunt for nightgowns for Pickles, I loved them as a kid but all the pjs seem to be 2 piece. Anyway we did find a dress that had to come home with us, along with mermaid and glitter pjs. As Shawn went ahead and made her purchases I began to tell the woman behind me about our adoption…and we were both crying!

Day 4: The wonderful women I went on my mission trip with last year, The Women of the Pearl are also planning to be in Uganda when we are. One thing they are teaching this time is telling bible stories with lovingly made wooden figures created by our special friends Dale & Sue. Bill and I spent the morning painting with a group of friends from church. Tears, laughter and more tears followed!

Later that afternoon another sweet friend shared her photography talents with us. She had a great idea to make a visual storybook of our life/home for Pickles. The photos were amazing…so much more than I could have imagined! The book will be a joy to read with her and will hopefully be something  she will treasure while we are apart.

Day 5: let me tell you about one of my fairy godmothers…my friend Marion. Her daughter Kelly was one of my husband’s best friends in college. When Bill and I started dating, Kelly and I became friends. We had a lot in common, we were a few weeks apart in age, we were both adopted into families of different races, and later we would both battle infertility. And I so wish she was here to talk with me about this journey… But I feel like she has been whispering in Gods ear. This particular day, July 16 was the 7th anniversary of Kelly leaving this earth.

Marion had called a few days before and volunteered to run around with us to help shop and pack. What a blessing that day with her was! We got 95% of our ducks in a row, we felt totally loved and and supported, which was best of all.

One of the amazing things that happened that day was that we interacted with people who had either been blessed by international adoption or had children with Sickle Cell Anemia! How cool is that? It felt like God (and Kelly) put their fingerprints on that day.

Day 6: Sunday we decided was “Celebrate Liam Day.” His best buddy Cam spent the day with us. Liam ate cake for breakfast (a birthday tradition at our house), we went to church, took the boys out for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum. There was also ice cream, Liam’s favorite dinner (Bill’s homemade taco dip) followed by a sleepover at Cam’s house. The boys decided this should be an annual holiday.

Thank you to the Morrin & Trax families and Marion for surprising Liam with gifts. He’s been a trouper through the adoption…not jealous at all, but we wanted a day to let him know how blessed we are that he’s our son.

Days 7-8: this is where it all gets blurry…these last few days were a blitz of getting packed, house and bills dealt with, one debit card being compromised, a bad tooth ache, so many hugs and gifts for our family and for Pickles.

I have to tell you about one God-thing that happened though. While we were getting finances together we figured out that we were short on the money we needed to go on this trip. I put my prayer warriors on it…by the end of the day, the EXACT amount were short came in!!!!

So here we are on July 21. This day we waited for to get us on our way to meet our daughter.

Today we delivered lots of orders, said more good-byes and cleaned out our refrigerator. Thankfully my friend Sue (my other fairy godmother) came over to help wherever she could. She did up the dishes and helped me repack the suitcase for Pickles and I. Our house looks pretty good now…it looked like a bomb went off in it earlier today!

I am writing this on our flight to Amsterdam…we have just shy of 24 hours of travel this day. None of us can sleep, despite our exhaustion and the sleepy medication. Our hearts are full, our tummies are nervous and there are about 5 million great movies on the inflight entertainment.

We met the nicest folks as we traveled and 2 of the TSA agents teared up along with me today. We even were granted an additional seat on the plane so we can stretch out a bit

Going to try to get a nap… More to come in this adventure…


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