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July 1, 2016 – You are a Miracle

July 1, 2016 – You are a Miracle

July 1, 2016

My Dear Pickles,

So many things have happened this week to bring us closer to you. I’m writing it down so years from now I can tell you about how much you were wanted and how it feels like God worked miracles for it to all come together.

    • Dad, Liam and I got to see a photo of your beautiful face. Oh my goodness, you are such a lovely baby girl, we just cannot wait to meet you in a few weeks! You have had a rough start in life my Sweetness, but you have a family and community just waiting to love you here in Michigan. I wish I could erase all that you’ve gone through, but I know God will use these experiences to be a blessing. You’ll grow to be a strong woman and it’s our goal to give you a solid foundation going forward. We love you so much already.
    • We found out a few things about your health. Baby girl, you are a miracle, do you know that? Your Birth Mother was so very sick. She had such a hard time, was without help and was doing her best with you when you were an infant. When you were 1 year old, she went into the hospital for her treatment, and she left you very safely there. Can you imagine how sad she must have been? How much she must have loved you to make sure you were going to be safe, warm and fed? I can’t tell you much more about your Birth Parents other than that they were very much in love and the other details we will discuss when you’re ready. Your Birth Father is Kenyan and your BirthMama was Ugandan.
    • This ties in with the above, our Heavenly Father was watching out for you. You did not contract the awful disease that your BirthMama had. You do however have a blood disease, but we can easily manage it and we live near one of the best hospitals in the world and they have experts that deal with your disease. Dad and I will do our very best to make sure you have a long and healthy life. Grandma Marion gave me the cross above, I love carrying it in my pocket and being reminded that nothing is out of reach for God.
    • The Ugandan Law has changed so that guardianship to you is granted in no less than 12 months. One whole year of visiting you before we can bring you home under this new law. We are praying that the Judge will see that we can care for you best here in Michigan, and not traveling back and forth the next year. God has this figured out along with all the other details, we will wait for Him to reveal it all.
    • You are in an baby house in a town that is so familiar and loved by me. I can’t wait to show Dad and Liam how beautiful Uganda is. And best of all your Pearly Aunties (Lynn, Janette and Christine) will be in Uganda the same time as us, so you can meet them then. They have been praying for and loving you the last 18 months along with our family.
    • Dad, Liam and I will stay with the sweet Pastor who runs the baby house. He is a lovely man and we will be hosted by he and his wife. This situation is such a blessing, it will give us a home away from home, Ugandan food and best of all – new lifelong friends.
    • IMG_0408We so lovingly picked out the things for your room. We had so much fun imagining how you would like different things (like the octopus pillow Liam picked out for you and loves to wear as a hat) and wondering what kinds of art you’d draw on your new little table, the snuggles we will have in your rocker, and all the bedtime stories we’ll read on your comfy rug.
    • We got all our shots today at the travel clinic, almost $2,000 in medications went into our bodies! Not fun to spend that much money, but some of the shots are necessary to be admitted into Uganda. And there is no way we would miss coming there to meet you!


Love love love you,


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