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December 28, 2015 – Practice Round

December 28, 2015 – Practice Round

This week we have a special visitor. Our Goddaughter Annie, (age 4) is staying with us for a few days while her folks go away to celebrate their anniversary. They are part of our family of choice, and we vacation together every summer in these sweet little cabins up in Cadillac.


Annie wanted LJ to read to her tonight.

This will be a good practice run for us – how is it to have a little girl in the house, what needs to get child proofed (Liam is 10 so we are long past that), how do we all do with a fourth person in the house, how does bedtime go with two children, and how do 2 bathrooms translate with 4 people?

Annie is one of those really beloved people in our lives. We walked with her parents through their infertility battles and the sadness, then finally the joy of adoption. Liam always calls her “The baby we love the most.” She’s pretty much the bees-knees at our house. I of course am chopped liver, while her Uncle Bill is most adored. She has a special head tilt when she says “Uncle Bill,” seriously that is hard to resist.


How can you resist this face?

We have the next few days packed full with play dates, craft supplies, games, movies and hopefully lots of Annie-Snuggles as well.

We are just about at the halfway point with our adoption journey. As our home study reaches the midpoint, 1/3 of the money has been paid in to the agencies, plans have been made and adoption fundraising comes to an end, it’s becoming REAL! Hopefully in 6 months or so, we will be preparing to head to Uganda to meet our daughter and bring her home to our forever family.

…it’s becoming REAL!

We have been so blessed through this process in so many ways I didn’t expect… friends who have become amazing adoption mentors, finances that came together, (we are just $711 away from our $10K fundraising goal!), and I feel like my heart has grown for these two wonderful men at our house.

It’s been a leap of faith, but at every step, God has shown that He’s in control, that He will provide.

Philippians 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

I hope in this holiday season, when it’s easy to want more and more, that you can find a quiet moment to be thankful for all you have and know that the Lord will be sure your needs are met.

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  1. Pamela Joy says:

    Beautifully said, Meem! Love you! Love Pickles!!!

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